Hartley Cash founder Shahla Fatemi grew up in Southern California. Her mom taught her how to sew and use a film camera, and her dad's Persian roots were displayed in the house. Growing up, she expressed herself through her love of creating, making, building. When she was 12, she even researched and designed a treehouse to be built in her backyard. While living in New York, she infused her life with the city's culture and adopted the city's romantic entanglements with global goods and trade.

Hartley Cash believes every person should be able to interact with art they love in their homes. Hartley Cash doesn't believe each item needs to cost an exorbitant amount of money for it to feel special. 

There will be many more products to come over the next few months - the next being affordable framed photography & watercolor prints. All products are LIMITED-RUN PRODUCTS. Sometimes, you'll know in advance how long a product will be available. Sometimes, items will disappear overnight.

We do custom pieces, wedding pieces, corporate gifts, and more. 
Please email us at hc@hartleycash.com if you have a project you'd like to discuss.